RG 14"

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Our RG Mud Flaps are constructed from a 3/8" thick, weather-tested blend of thermoplastic rubber & resin. They are manufactured to be stiff enough to retain their shape yet flex when they need too. Our Anti-Spray Technology on the inside of the flap is meant to push mud, snow, slush, water and debris away towards the ground protecting the body of your Truck/SUV and anything it might be towing. Stainless steel plates add strength and durability while maintaining the aggressive styling of your vehicle.

Comes in pairs. (Order 2 sets for front and rear)

Universal Truck/Jeep/SUV Front or Rear (Hardware and Mounting Instructions Included)

*Made In The USA* 

For questions about installation, send pictures of your fender well and set up to: request@custommudflaps.com

Ships in 2-5 Business Days