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REK GEN is the aftermarket product line for Pinnacle Products. Our goal is to provide protection for your vehicle that adds to it's agrresive styling instead of taking away from it.

REK-mesh Off-Road Mud Flaps

REK-mesh Off-Road Mud Flaps

Our new patent-pending design is the first mud flap that allows for adjustability with no drilling. It not only looks awesome but it makes for a much easier install than other universal mud flaps. These are designed for maximum tire clearance and off-road capability.  

Laser Cut Stainless Steel Construction 

Rally Edition

Rally Edition

Ford Focus 11'-18' ST/SE 2016+ RS 

Subaru WRX 2015+

We set out to manufacture a material for our rally flaps that is scratch resistant and flexible but still will retain it's shape. 

Pinnacle Products

Pinnacle Products

Pinnacle Products was established as a division of Joe's Plastics Inc. in the year 2000. The main focus of Pinnacle Products is mud flaps. We have been the North American leader of manufacturing custom mud flaps for close to 2 decades. Our mud flaps have withstood harsh weather climates for customers in Alaska & Canada to Arizona & Mexico.
REK-mesh Universal Offset Mud Flaps Subaru WRX Performance Rally Mud Flaps 2015+ GEN3 Tacoma Mud Flaps Merica' Dually Universal Mud Flaps Ford Focus Performance Rally Mud Flaps 11'-18' SE-ST-RS

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