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About Us

1. No Rock Chips Allowed 
2. Keep Your Vehicle Clean 
3. Keep Your Vehicle Legal 
4. Do Not Settle For Any Cheap Parts On Your Vehicle 
5. Buy American 
REK GEN is the aftermarket division of Pinnacle Products/CustomMudflaps.com
After 20 years of being the leading manufacturer of Mud Flaps in the US, our continued success has lead us to develop our own aftermarket brand for Pickup Trucks, Jeeps,  SUVs, and Big Rigs.
Our goal is to provide protection in a way that does not take away from the look of your vehicle. Our selection of unique designs will continuously be expanded with limited time offers and licensed logos in order to keep your vehicles looking great and ticket free. 
Many consumers may not know that when they drive off the lot after purchasing a new vehicle that it is not yet legal in some states. "I pull over 4x4s all the time and they always have some excuse as to why they do not have mud flaps," a California police officer told us. Lifted Trucks and 4x4s are required by law in these states to have some type of Mud Flap or Mud Guard at least the width of each tire to protect other vehicles on the highway.
Other products on the market only line up with the outside of the fender and do not feature the ability to be properly lined up with the outside edge of the tire. Our Universal Flaps are available in different widths in order to accommodate everything from stock tires to oversized tires. 
Even if your state does not have said laws, Mud Flaps can make clean up after a day of off-roading a heck of a lot easier. For those into boating and camping, Mud Flaps can help keep road debris from kicking up and damaging your boat or toys. Our Anti-Spray grooves force slush, mud, water, snow and dirt down back towards the road instead of up in the fender well and all over your truck or SUV.