Universal 'Merica Mud Flaps Armor Coat

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Now includes a Limited LifeTime Warranty! 

Our RG Mud Flaps are constructed from a 3/8" thick, weather-tested blend of thermoplastic rubber & resin. They are manufactured to be stiff enough to retain their shape yet flex when they need too. Our Anti-Spray Technology on the inside of the flap is meant to push mud, snow, slush, water and debris away towards the ground protecting the body of your Truck/SUV and anything it might be towing. Stainless steel plates add strength and durability while maintaining the aggressive styling of your vehicle. Color backing is durable and is hot stamped into the mud flap material. 

Comes in pairs. (Order 2 sets for front and rear)

Please make sure you check clearance at full crank. If you do not have room you will need offset brackets. 

Universal Truck/Jeep/SUV Front or Rear (Hardware and Mounting Instructions Included)

*Made In The USA* 

Processing and Assembly Time: 3-5 Business Days